Best Digital Marketing Newsletters to Subscribe in 2020

Best Digital Marketing Newsletters to Subscribe in 2020


Best Digital Marketing Newsletters to Subscribe in 2020

Nearly every site on the internet asks you to sign up for an exclusive & Best Digital Marketing Newsletters. But why should I volunteer my personal information in the first place? I mean, as a digital marketer, my inbox is already overflowing with unread emails. Now, I’ll get periodically more content that I might not even get the time to read.

So why should I subscribe a digital marketing newsletter?
In general, there are numerous reasons as to why people consider signing up. Here are just a few of them:

This is your opportunity to get advice from the entire community of digital marketers. Content is specifically formulated for like-minded people. You can find all the news in one place and receive regular updates on behalf of the marketing world. From the latest tools to current SEO trends, finding relevant information couldn’t be easier.
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With knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll discover ways to improve your digital marketing techniques without having to invest a substantial amount of money. Plus, now it’s less time-consuming.

Subscribing to newsletters can help you understand the potential behind the subscriber’s psychology. Moreover, you can get inspirational ideas from observing these newsletter examples. That way, you can learn how to do your job more effectively. So as a digital marketer, you can implement the same strategies to achieve higher growth elsewhere, whether it’s for your own brand or your clients.

Everyone has a hidden agenda. But just maybe you’ll find a great deal or a promotional offer that’s available for a limited time only. So take into consideration how you could get access to exclusive offers through our best digital marketing newsletters subscriptions.

Which marketing newsletters are the best to subscribe to?
As they always say, learn from the best. So why not pick up some great newsletter ideas from some of the most influential names in the industry! Whether you’re planning on preparing your own newsletter or simply want to get regular updates from the marketing world, the following are a few newsletter names that you should consider looking into.


Ahrefs, another famous name in the SEO world, has a fantastic email marketing strategy. Every time a new blog post is published, Ahrefs sends out a newsletter to subscribers who actually want to hear about them. These weekly newsletters cover interesting SEO topics. And as Ahrefs persistently aims at keeping subscribers engaged by sending them valuable information, the number of subscriptions continues to grow.


MOZ Top 10

This is your best source for SEO and digital marketing news. Receive a newsletter twice a month in your inbox. The top 10 articles from around the internet are compiled into our best digital marketing newsletters. Now you don’t need to search for the latest strategies on how to improve search rankings, drive traffic, and get more customers. Simply read these SEO newsletters and implement all that you learn about keyword research, link building, site audits, page optimization, and much more.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a platform for displaying some of the best products released around the world. The newsletter typically showcases 5 to 10 of the top items from the previous day. While this is a great way to discover new projects, apps, and tools that may enhance your marketing skills, it’s also the ideal place to launch one of your ideas. Subscribers have the option to receive newsletters either daily or weekly.


InVision is a design workflow platform that creates weekly graphic design newsletters. They create content in a beautiful, clean layout. And the knowledge it presents is substantial. There is a variety of content you can choose from, such as blogs, webinars, promotions, etc. So there’s something to learn in every edition, even if you’re not a designer.


This is a Godsend for digital marketers looking for information specific to landing pages. So while Unbounce boasts of being one of the best landing page tools, it’s also producing newsletters to provide subscribers with information about landing pages, conversion rates, etc.

You can set the frequency of getting news and advice. Whether you get daily or weekly reports, there will inevitably be something available to boost your marketing campaigns.


HubSpot’s Marketing Blog newsletter has everything that a digital marketer may need. It has information about search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, social media, lead generation, email marketing, and much more. When you stay up to date with tips and trends, you’ll have all the skills for success.

HubSpot generates several newsletters to serve different purposes, such as Marketing, Sales, Services, and Agencies. Moreover, you can decide which newsletters you want to receive and how often you want them.


Social Media Examiner

If you’ve been waiting for a newsletter that covers all aspects of social media marketing, search no further. Social Media Examiner will highlight new, innovative techniques to generate more leads, communicate more efficiently with customers, build an online reputation, boost brand awareness, and much more. In this newsletter, you’ll discover tips and tricks to enhance your strategy.

Content Marketing Institute

Need some quick tips on how to produce high-content newsletters? CMI has you covered. Content marketers hop aboard. Here you’ll find answers to common questions as well as receive regular updates about current aspects of content marketing.

Simply select the frequency of these content marketing newsletters that suits your needs. Either opt for daily notifications on the latest content marketing news and insights or receive a summary of the week’s content marketing articles, news, current job listings, etc. Moreover, you can even register to receive news about CMI promotions, webinars, offers, and much more.

Newsletters can help you effectively achieve your marketing and communications goals. Acquiring adequate knowledge about crucial email marketing and best newsletter generation practices can remarkably boost your marketing campaigns.

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