Why we should use BIMI for emailing?


If you are a frequent email user, whether as a marketer or in charge of communications within your organization, then you might have come across the BIMI record by which visibility and trust in the inbox can be increased.

What is BIMI?

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) is a standard, which is an attempt to give trusted senders control over how their brand is represented in email services. That way, your brand stands out among other emails, and your customers are sure that the emails are legitimate.

BIMI Implementation:

To get BIMI to work, your organization will have to implement DMARC authentication policies on the (marketing) emails. That means SPF and/or DKIM for all mail must be authenticate using your From domain. This process shows receivers that you’re sending the types of emails, your brand sends and why, helping build your reputation as an email sender.

The third consideration is the logo you would like to use in your emails. So far, BIMI only accepts SVG images. The image has to be square and contain only the logo, without any additional text. Store the logo in HTTPS and type the URL in the DNS TXT record.

If, later on, you want to change the image’s location, you will have to update the DNS record appropriately. You can also change your logo as you wish, so you don’t have to get stuck with one logo. Therefore, if you want to change your logo for the holiday season, you’ll just have to select a new image and update the DNS TXT record.

Now comes the DNS changes to announce your part SMTPMaster currently publishes the BIMI as:

default._bimi.smtpmaster.com txt
v=BIMI1; l=https://smtpmaster.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/smtpmaster-bimi.svg;

And finally, even if someone does all the technical things right, receivers will not be able to display the logo for senders they trust. Right now there are two ways to build your BIMI reputation:

Maintain an excellent sending reputation via sending emails with low bounces and spam complaints. Remember this reputation is subjective to each receiver you’re sending to.

A trust authority to be issued a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC). This authority is then listed in your BIMI TXT record with your logo for the trusted reference.


Once you have followed the steps of BIMI implementation, your organization or company will get more visibility and attract more clicks from your prospective and existing customers. All your emails will have your logo alongside them and will stand out in the receiver’s inbox. This enhances customer trust and increases the chances that they open and read your company emails.

If you’d like some help on setting up BIMI txt records for your messages, definitely give us a call!


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