Lifetime Free SMTP for Transactional Emailing

Lifetime Free SMTP for Transactional Emailing

Send up to 3000 Transactional Emails Every Month for Lifetime Free.

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Welcome to our Brand New Lifetime Free Transactional SMTP Plan.

Lifetime Free Transactional SMTP

As we SMTPMaster and our team working with lots of people for a long time, and we notice that many businesses or websites only need to send 50-100 emails in a day, and they hesitated to buy premium email plans due to their small email requirement.

That is why we SMTPMaster Offering totally Free Transactional SMTP Plan which allows you to send 100 emails per day for a lifetime, also you can send emails using your own domain name that allows you to magnify your brand to your subscribers, If you feel your business is growing and need more emails we welcome you to upgrade your SMTP services any time.

Why Should you Upgrade to a Paid SMTP Account?

As a paying customer you can send more then 3000 emails per month also you can send marketing email using the SMTP and you can use our email sending application to send marketing emails.

You can track your subscriber’s open and click report using our email sending application. Check Our Pricing Page for various email marketing plan.


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Terms of use for this plan:-
  • Signup/Registration also applies to our regular disclaimer.
  • You can only use our LIFETIME FREE SMTP with a domain owned by you or your company.
  • You can not use Free email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc. as your sending email address.
  • If you reach your daily email limit of 100 emails, then we’ll keep your extra email in the queue for 3 days and deliver your queued email according to your daily email quota,
  • Any time you can upgrade your account.
  • We’ll count your CC and BCC emails as individual emails in our Dashboard.
  • You send emails with your own identity and we will not add any advertising in your email body content(we may add something in your email header)
  • Please read the below FAQ for more details.


The reason we offer a free plan to get users to try the product and it help you to grow small business so if users get great results, the natural choice is for them to buy.

No you do not have to submit your card or pay for this plan.

Yes you can submit your cancel request any time, after getting cancel request from you we’ll delete all your email data and stop your SMTP.

If you failed to send an email in the last 30 days then we’ll stop your account, you have to submit a reactive request to start again.

We store only 30 days of your email log and report after that you can’t view any report.