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Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is SUCCESS.

SMTPMaster empowers businesses to assemble and develop relationships with their customers. SmtpMaster was worked for you!

Our humble beginnings as a digital agency opened our eyes to the needs of developing businesses: marketers need devices that can efficiently scale as they mature.

Most marketing suites are designed for large companies and come with an enterprise-level price tag.

That is the reason we created SmtpMaster to empowers businesses to assemble and develop relationships. Serving little and medium-sized businesses is in our DNA and everything about our features, bolster, furthermore, estimating is designed in light of you.

Whether you need to manage email campaigns or save time with automation, we can help you do it efficiently, on-budget, and in your language.

SmtpMaster offers cloud-based digital marketing devices to over 500+ developing companies the world over to empowers development & relationships. How might we help you? We value development, excellence, energy and selflessness, all to serve our customers well.

Our Skills

Don’t seek to be relevant, just be CONSISTENT.

SmtpMaster‘s culture is team-focused and we take team-working to the next level: crosswise over professional disciplines which reflects our item’s international reach.

Located in WestBengal, our engineering and design teams consistently enhance and expand SmtpMaster‘s core services. Our developing customer care team additionally offers support to English speaking clients.

We were operational with numerous e-commerce sites and little and medium sized businesses, helping them develop their business in different aspects, it was then we came over plenty of clients who were experiencing serious hassles while dealing with email marketing wing in their business, ultimately resulting in great misfortune. Therefore, to shape up this sector more flawlessly we emerged with smtpmaster.com.

This is one-stop-answer for all your emailing problems which you are experiencing.

Experts studied the tribulations in the email marketing sect experienced by our clients and devised SMTP which can be assembled as per client’s requirement and budget.

SmtpMaster.com is the weaver of the perfect and cost-efficient answer for your emailing needs. With SmtpMaster.com close by, you can keep aside the problem of switching the server set-up for the active email server. It additionally offers trouble-free mailing services to the users of PC and Smartphone while traveling at pocket-friendly rates.


Technology using for sending email.

We use various types of MTA like Postfix, SendMail, Exim.  And Various Types for MUA as per needs of our customers.

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