Outline Dashboard

Email Sending Application can effectively see counters about the quantity of email records, campaigns, subscribers, email formats yet in addition late campaigns subtleties and a point by point late action report.

Email lists management

Email Sending Application oversee email lists, list subscriber, list fragments, custom fields, list structures and rundown pages.

Email Blacklist

This is a user account based email blacklist that enable to each email belonging to a particular user, after getting listed to email blacklisting those IDs will never receive any emails from the user.

Email lists Edinting tools

Need to part a big list to various littler ones? Or on the other hand sync existing email lists? Utilize this segment for these kind of activities.

Email Suppression lists

According to the CAN-SPAM Act, the email suppression list is a list that basically a not sending list by using a suppression list you can suppress an email address or multiple email addresses through it. This is one type of email blacklisting list.

Email Campaign Management

Using this tools or tool set you can Modify your email campaign, autoresponder or and also you can use scudule a campaign and manage canpaign groups or custom campaign tags.

Manage Email Templates

Using this section you can add, edit, delete and categorise as many templates as you need, also you can use our pre build email templates, most importently you can use any 3rd party email templates for that only you have just upload that template in your sending application.

Email Delivery Servers

If you have subscribed for multiple sending servers from SMTPMaster then you can select your delivery server from the application, also you can select the different delivery server for a different campaign.

Email Bounce System

This system is pre-configured by our system administrator, Its a incoming email server and our application fetch all bounce emails from the incoming email server using POP and IMAP and replicate to your email campaign’s bounce statistic.

Email Sending domains

When you subscribe a plan from SMTPMaster you have to provide an email sending Domain or multiple as per your need and add some TXT, MX Record in DNS (you will get all required record from our client area) if you are not very comfortable with DNS you can contact to us for help. After configuring your sending domain you are ready to send emails from your sending domain.

Tracking Your Campaign

Using our application, you can able to track who is opening your emails and clicking which link and how many times. etc..

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