How to land in Gmail’s primary folder – 2021

How to landing in Gmail's primary folder

Best Tips for Landing in Gmail’s Primary Folder 2021

Ask Your Customers to Contribute:-

When You Send an Email, direct your recipients and ask them to mark your email as important and mark as not spam if it landed in the spam box, that means to you are targeting your email as Gmail’s Inboxing.

Follow Gmail’s Guide Lines:-

You have to keep an eye on Gmail’s guidelines regarding sending. these guidelines should be revisited regularly so you can keep tabs on any updates Gmail may make.

Lots of Personalize Work:-

Try Not to sound like stuffy cooperation, personalize your emails and write as you would to a friend.

Send EMails in Small Batches:-

Sending Sprees can trigger sites like Gmail to mark your email as spam from Gmail’s Inboxing. Try separating your recipients into smaller lists or batches is a good idea for Gmail’s Inboxing.

Send Your Email as Plan Text or Light HTML:-

Work towards making your email look more like that ware written and sent by a human., use mainly text, with minimal images and links.

Email Authentication:-

Email authentication allows servers like Gmail to verify your emails are being sent from users at your company and detect spoofing. Therefore is a good practice to get your email authenticated for Gmail’s Inboxing. 

Authentication Type:
  1. SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
  2. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication)
  3. DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)

Sending Reputation Matters:-

High bounce rate, low open rates, or a high number of spam complaints may start being filtered as spam.

If you only land in the Promotions Tab, Stand Out!
The Promotions tab has few extra options, like displaying a logo or discount next to the subject line, or even an image.


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