You know what over 4.65 billion people use the internet nowadays. China is the home of the largest digital community in the world with about 1.03 billion netizens as of 2021. The internet adoption rate in first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan surpassed 80 percent. As a report of 2021, the number of internet clients in China developed by 3.6 percent contrasted with the relating time frame in the previous year.

The internet has become one of the most essential apparatuses for communication, information, and entertainment in the present globalized world.

How many marketers uses emails for their business growth


B2C content professionals from around the world (but primarily from the Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Tianjin, Wuhan ) were surveyed in July 2020 and revealed that they were 83 percent of respondents used email newsletters in their content marketing campaign. During a July 2021 survey conducted among marketers, it was found that 74 percent of respondents used online events and webinars.

Where does email stands for communication channel?

Emails ranked 3rd among distribution channels behind social media and the company website or blog at 89 percent. 66 percent of respondents prefer using Email as their channel of communication.

Is email marketing still profitable?

With 1 USD or 6.84 CNY spent on email marketing, an analyst claims an ROI of 36 USD or 246.41 CNY. The revenue generated by email marketing is high. In return for every 1 USD or 6.84 CNY spent on email marketing, 36 USD or 246.41 Chinese Yuans’ worth of leads can be generated.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable ways to connect with your audience and generated more sales.

Why you choice SMTPMaster as your email marketing service provider

SMTPMaster is an excellent choice of cheap email marketing platform. It offers a range of digital marketing tools, preferably for small businesses, e-commerce giants, and everything in between, You can mix and match the various features to suit your own needs and budget.

Why SMTPMaster is much less expensive than other service providers?

SMTPMaster is much less expensive compared to other email marketing services because we don’t charge you for storing your contacts, only for the number of emails you send. We don’t believe it’s extremely reasonable to charge something else for developing your business and acquiring customers……That’s a general purpose.

Fulfill your all requirment regarding email marketing under one roof

What’s more, SMTPMaster offers all the email services a company might require or desire underneath one platform. Let’s look at it:

SMTP relay service

Starting the most common way of sending messages should be possible with the profit of an SMTP hand-off convenience. Everything starts with coordinating and verifying your own domain name and afterward winnowing a choice between a shared or dedicated address. Find out to establish your SMTP server in a few steps.

Drag-and-Drop email editor

Creating beautiful emails is easy with SMTPMaster.The drag-and-drop editor is natural and makes proficient email design speedy and clear. Personalize your email content, upload your brand kit, and keep track of the performance-no technical expertise required.

In furthermore, all SMTPMaster plans get access to our library of completely responsive email templates. (Even the no-cost option!)

Sectioning contacts

With SMTPMaster, you can quickly group your contacts into specialized audiences for email marketing campaigns dependent on customer actions and behavior, interests that they have indicated through sign – up forms, and other factors. By doing so, you may precisely target different segments of your audience and boost overall open rates and click-through rates.

Email personalize

SMTPMaster gives you limitless options for personalizing your email content. From individual credits like name and city to conduct attributes like last purchased thing and rebate applied, almost any client information can be utilized to make personalized content with SMTPMaster. The result? Better customer experiences and better campaign performance.

Transactional email

Transactional Emails are an essential features of any email marketing tool. They allow you to send your most important emails like registration, order confirmation and password resets. Even better, you can brand transactional emails and enjoy top-notch deliverability rates with SMTPMaster.

Track your report

See what’s going on with your email campaigns. Check where people clicked in your emails with click rate so you can tailor your content to more engagement.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation lets you respond to certain customer behaviours and trigger predefined actions without lifting a finger. Send emails ,update contacts based on their behavior, and create lists for different types of engagement. Let SMTPMaster handle the little things so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Create your own campaign

Email Cqmpaign support your email marketing efforts by collecting email addresses of potential leads. With SMTPMaster, you can create your own branded email campaigns in minutes and start building your email list on the platform. What’s more, you can collect all kind of customer data with email campaigns to use for targeted segmation later on.

Dedicated SMTP server provides

Comprehensive logs to determine email distribution failures. Provide electronic mail address verification to improve your mailing list. Enhanced deliverability features to reduce the bounce rates and spam complaints. Genuine-time email tracking as well as enhanced analytics for your electronic mails.

Even used as bulk email software, SMTPMaster takes care of your contacts and sender reputation and helps you ensure good email deliverability

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