Best SMTP Service Provider in India

What is SMTP?

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP) is a connection-oriented, text-based protocol for electronic mail transmission. A mail sender communicates with the mail receiver by Transfer Control Protocol(TCP) connection. SMTP is used to send emails and attachment, accept and relay outgoing emails between email senders and email receivers or between email client and email server.

Best SMTP Service Provider in India

When an email is sent, it’s transferred over the internet from one server to another using SMTP.

How An SMTP works?

The working of an SMTP server can be separated into two stages.

The First Step incorporates confirmation of the computer configuration through which an email is sent and approved for the process.

The Second Step conveys the message and follows the successful delivery of the email.

Why you choose An SMTP Server?

Emails are the most favored method of communication for any business in this digital era. Also, consequently, neither an individual nor an association would need to think twice about their email deliverability. You would want your emails to be delivered without any interruption, be it personal or business. The SMTP server can be an ideal choice for secure and decent email deliverability. The SMTP relay service can be used to fix a ton of issues, for example, email deliverability, IP blacklisting, etc.

Our Plans:Yearly Email Marketing Plans and Monthly Email Marketing Plans.

Why SMTPMaster is the Best SMTP Service Provider?

There are a few advantages of choosing SMTPMaster as your SMTP service provider:

  1. A secure environment for sending emails.
  2. Dedicated IP addresses as well as flexible API and SMTP setup.
  3. As we don’t use Port-25 as an SMTP port, there is a minimal chance of landing sent emails into the user’s spam folder.
  4. User-friendly software.
  5. Fast and customizable email integration.
  6. Real-time analytics to keep track of your emails.

At the SMTPMaster, with the pioneers of Email marketing with years of experience, you gain a window into the immense potential of Email Marketing. We help & guide you to the smooth & simple experience of sending transactional emails & marketing email campaigns. Our SMTP mail server hosting is flexible and works wonders for a rich SMTP relay server. It’s very simple and straightforward to send unlimited transactional and marketing emails to all your collected contacts from your mailing list.

How much you have to paid for our SMTP credential?

SMTPMaster provides a secure SMTP credential at a very low cost. It starts from only USD 3 /INR 240. Our plan is divided into monthly and long-term plans. Click the link below to check our pricing plan according to your requirements : Pricing Page Details.

How to get access to our SMTP credentials?

One can get access to our SMTP service only through 3 steps. At First , you’ve to register on our website: Register Here with your valid email id, phone number and other essential data. In the next step, add your own domain and at the last verify your domain to get access to our SMTP credential.

Through this process, if you face any issues our experts will help and guide you.

After this easy and simple process, users can get access to our Demo plan (1000 emails for 7 days).

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