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SMTP is a protocol for delivering mass emails across Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Mainly India is considered to be the pior stop for your electronic mail message. A protocol name SMTP is used to communicate directly with your system, whether it is your personal PC or web application.
SMTPMaster is one of the kenned as a best Email Marketing & SMTP server accommodations provider in India, , Morocco, Canada, USA,  Germany, UK, in the world. SMTPMaster is a trustworthy name in this Digital Email Marketing, we provide high-quality bulk electronically mailing accommodations and bulk email marketing facilities & accommodations in India and sundry locations across the earth.
Email Setup With Our SMTP Services :-
We at SMTPMaster ascertain you relish the painless experience of sending transactional emails as well as email marketing campaigns. Our SMTP Mail Server accommodations are flexible and work wonders for a prosperous SMTP relay server. It’s very facile and simple to send unlimitted transactional emails and marketing emails to all the culled contacts from your mailing list.
SMTPMaster dedicated SMTP Server Provides :-
Inbound email routing and parsing. Comprehensive logs to determine email distribution failures. Electronic mail address attestation accommodations to enhance your mailing list.
SMTP mail Server provider in India Dedicated smtp server
Amended deliverability features to diminish the bounce rates and spam complaints. Genuine-time email tracking as well as ameliorated analytics for your electronic mails.
SMTP Relay Services :-
Initiating the process of sending emails can be done with the avail of an SMTP relay accommodation. It all commences with integrating and verifying your domain name and then culling an option between a shared or dedicated address. Ascertain to establish your SMTP server in the final step.
SMTP server settings information :-
How to configure SMTP Server (Link), what SMTP server is all about, how the electronic mail distribution process works, how to explicate the commonly exhibited SMTP error messages and sort out them. Ascertain to amass the information on how to secure SMTP server (Link).
In order to utilize our SMTP server to send emails (Link), all you require to do is just set your username and password. Our experts additionally avail you to transmute your electronic mail configuration and set up your account so that you can have the best bulk mail sending experience.

Our Plans: Transactional Email / Yearly Email Marketing Plans and Promotional Email / Monthly Email Marketing Plans.

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